Are you facing issues with the avast antivirus?   Then let's continue reading because we are providing you the technical support for the Avast antivirus issues. Avast is one of the best antivirus software for the internet security.

It provides many services  such as: 
-computer security 
-browser security, etc. 

You can have all these services available in 45 languages. 
Antivirus runs into issues whenever a new version is released or while there is an update available. 
 Internet access blockage.:-  New update of the avast antivirus lead to blocking the access of internet. Due to which the customers uninstall the antivirus. 
Doesn't boot the system in safe mode.:- The new update doesn't provide a full-time boot scan of the system in safe mode. 
Activation issues:-The new update have some problems with the activation of avast antivirus issues. 
Avast secure DNS is not running properly.:-  Sometimes the DNS of the avast is not running properly on your pc. To secure your pc you need a problem with this solution.   
For the solution of all your issues please continue reading the article. 

Technical support services that we provide to resolve all these issues are: 
For activation issues:- 
-Download a copy of your license. 
-Activate your avast antivirus software. 
-If your problem isn't resolved yet then reinstall and activate your software again. 

For the complete boot scan:- 
-Schedule a runtime scan. 
-select a complete boot scan. 
-Restart your pc after complete scan. 
-For internet access blockage:- 
-Repair your Avast installation by repairing and restart your pc. 

For Avast secure DNS:- 
-Update the latest version of Avast on your pc. 
-Then restart your pc with the latest version installed. 

From this article, i tried my best to resolve all your problems related to the  Avira Antivirus Support or issues and provide you the best solutions for your problems. Hope this article helps you in solving all your problems or you may visit  
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